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A Success Story or a Failure?

Representing the European Integration in the Curricula and Taxtbooks of Five Countries

Sakki Inari

This study focuses on the images of the European integration in the curricula and school textbooks in five European countries: France, Britain, Germany, Finland and Sweden. By analyzing the curricula and history and civics textbooks from major educational publishers, this study demonstrates what is written on the European integration and how it is portrayed–how the European integration is understood, made meaningful and concretized in the five European countries. Drawing on quantitative and qualitative methods, the contents, processes, visual images, transformations and structures of the social representations of the European integration are examined. This book looks at the issues of European identification, European integration and educational policy from the perspectives of various disciplines. Moreover, it offers a detailed review of social representation theory and its fundamental questions.

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  • Julkaisija Sosiaalipsykologia (Helsingin yliopisto)
    Julkaisuvuosi 2010
    Sivumäärä 365
    Kieli Englanti
    Sarjat Social Psychological Studies
    Ulkoasu B5,pehmeäkantinen
    ISBN 9789521064234