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Performing Landscape

Notes on Site-specific Work and Artistic Research (Texts 2001-2011)

Arlander Annette

In this collection landscape, environment, place and site are considered from various viewpoints, based on practical experience in creating artworks. Landscape is discussed as a setting for stories in radio play and dance performance or as a scene for memories and fantasies in site-specific performance and sound installations. Landscape as environment is discussed through sound works; landscape as view is analysed in relation to painting and video, or as site of action and site of reception. Landscape is related to agency exemplified by talking trees and witches’ brooms. The relationship of performer and environment is analysed through imaginary models in video works. How landscape moves the performer or the witness and topics like documentation, duration and breathing are discussed. Performing place is understood as a strategy for interruption or affirmation. Performing non-place is linked to the challenge of performative research. Annette Arlander is professor of Performance Art and Theory at the Theatre Academy Helsinki. The written part of her doctoral work Esitys tilana (Performance as Space) was published as Acta Scenica 2 in 1998.

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  • Julkaisija Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki
    Julkaisuvuosi 2012
    Sivumäärä 434
    Kieli Englanti
    ISBN 9789529765959
    ISSN 1238-5913