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Tuning Ears and Warming-up Minds

Reflective Rehearsal Techniques for Adult Flute Ensembles

Kathleen Weidenfeller

This handbook is meant for directors working with returning musicians to help you better understand the unique challenges they bring with them to rehearsals and performances. You will find information about adults (and specifically returning musicians) as learners as well as rehearsal techniques to help develop the skills returning flutists need to confidently enjoy their ensemble experience. Returning flutists deserve material and understanding specifically adapted to their needs. It is my hope that the material presented in this handbook helps to fill that gap.

This handbook is presented as part of the portfolio for my doctoral project in the Applied studies program of the Doctoral School of the Sibelius Academy. The rehearsal techniques were developed during first five years working with the Helsingin Huiluorkesteri (Helsinki Flute Ensemble). Throughout this handbook, I will include references to the report of this project: Returning Flutists: Developing Improvisational Rehearsal Techniques for use with an Ensemble of Non-Professional Flutists Returning to a Musical Practice, where you can find more in-depth information on the ideas I discuss here, and a longer list of references for further reading. In addition, you can find lists of resources and more of my ideas at www.kathyweidenfeller.com

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